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Our most up-to-date schedule, substitute teachers, workshops, specialty classes, and events are on the MindBody app! Click below to download it and stay in the loop.

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                              In light of recent world happenings, we have opened an Online                                    Portal of offerings to extend the four corners of our physical studio into the comfort of your own home. As much as we love our cozy brick abode, we are embracing this time to remember how beautiful it is to exist within the stillness of our being. We believe yoga is an incredible tool, so no matter your situation might be, we are now live streaming our beloved classes through Zoom at affordable rates for the near and far. 


We invite you to join the Flow fam today! You can join our unique offerings with some of our most beloved facilitators every day of the week. If you're new to the studio, try our 4 for $40 (4 unlimited weeks for $40) new student offer. We also have single drop-in and class-pack options! Or better yet, treat yourself to a monthly membership! 


Our only request, when you sign up for a class to ensure your attendance, please pre-register at least 30 minutes before the class time begins.

xo~ The Flow Fam


How to Connect to our Online Portal

If you don't already have one, create a Mindbody account with us here and then download the free Mindbody app to have easy access to class sign-up at the tips of your fingertips. -

  • Make sure that the email you use to create your account is one that you will check. 

Create a Zoom account. If you will be streaming from a smart device, download the free Zoom app!

Once you pre-register at least 30 minutes before class begins, you’ll receive an email from us 15-20 minutes before class starts with a special link to join our virtual classroom. Click that link and set yourself up for bliss!

You are welcome to keep your camera on throughout class! We'd love to see you! Just remember everyone in the class can see you too. This is a beautiful additional layer to continue the community classroom feel alive! Just a sweet option.