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Why? That's the greatest question we'll ever have the privilege of asking ourselves. Why are we here and why do we do the things we do...

Well, there seems to be this little moment that happens at very specific times in our lives that we can all relate to. You may recognize it as a trickle of energy that races up our spine and reminds you of why we're alive. It's the "Ah-ha!" moment when the veil of unknown lifts, ancient Truths seemingly whisper to you what your purpose is and what it is that you next need to do. Some call them coincidences, others fate. Around here, we like to call this little energy ~ Magick.


We believe in creating expressive environments that encourage more of these moments. We believe that by curating a space that brings us into the body and out of the chattering mind, we can unlock deeper levels of our consciousness. Thus bringing forth a deeper self that is connected to the ever flowing stream of Magick moments that live within all of us. We believe in feeling the full spectrum of human emotions and in uncovering a deeper understanding of why we're here. And we believe that by sharing in this energy together, it only strengthens. 

Whether this is through one of our weekly movement classes, an intensive weekend of Thai massage, or through our intentional events - we aim to create this energy in everything we hold.

All of our love,     


The Flow Fam   



117 NW 16th Ave.

Gainesville, Fl 32601

Tel: (352) 888-4669

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