Milo’s Naturals’ crystal-infused spray; hand crafted with therapeutic grade essential oils and real citrine crystals.



Amethyst is known for its promotion of healthy relationships, creativity and passion and its ability to repel negativity. Amethyst is also known for its emotional healing properties, leaving space for you to expand your imagination, and get in touch with your intuition.

Femme/Rose Quartz

It is a powerful stone that is known to bring balance to one’s emotions, bringing peace and calm, easing anxiety, and relieving stress. This stone carries energies of forgiveness, healing, tolerance, compassion, and joy, and is also called the “love stone,” as it promotes love, warmth.

Floating in our Release spray are small citrine stones; known for their ability to inspire, help an individual let go of the past and to explore uncharted lands within their mind. These stones are said to purify one’s center, helping them heal from issues of abuse and trauma, and gives them the courage to move forward in their life.


Directions for Use:

Spritz whenever- and wherever- you please! Use aromatically or apply directly to skin, hair, clothing, and even around your home.

Crystal Infused Sprays